Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection

Photo via Khadi Oaxaca

All of the cloth that is used is our Capsule Collection is from Khadi Oaxaca- a collective in the southern mountains of Oaxaca that works exclusively with heritage coyuchi cotton from the Oaxacan coast, grown using ancestral practices.

The cotton is processed completely by hand, from removing the fiber from its pod and of seeds, to carding and spinning it into a fine thread that is naturally dyed before being woven on looms.

We then design, cut and sew each garment in a small workshop in Oaxaca City. Each piece is a lovingly made work of art that represents the rich earth, history, culture and people of the state of Oaxaca. 

As we always work in small batches due to the time-consuming handmade process and to eliminate waste, we know that some styles can sell out quickly.

Because of this, we are now offering pre-order on most items. Pre-orders will ship 3-6 weeks from purchase, depending on where we are at in the production process. Thanks for your patience!